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Laser Profiler

Why you need a Pipe Profiler
If you are a municipality, consulting engineer or contractor the Profiler is a necessary tool for the analysis of the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation.
When used as a video survey tool it can provide accuracy up to 1mm when measuring pipe size, deformation, erosion, encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage, holes.

Key Features
  • Fully integrates to WINCAN LaserScan module
  • Ideal for measuring real pipe diameters continuously along the length of the pipe
  • Verification of structural integrity of network, ovality and deep corrosion
  • Fast cross-sectional area calculations for determining flow reduction
  • Deformation measured as an out-of- circle percentage
  • Erosion loss of pipe wall can easily be ascertained
  • Quantifies defects, holes, or other abnormalities
  • XYZ-Data for import into CAD software
  • Available for different camera manufacture
  • Range of application DN100 - DN450
  • Wavelength 650 nm
  • Laser class 2
  • Range of application DN100 - DN800
  • Focusable laser ring
  • Wavelength 650 nm
  • Laser class 2
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