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MHI-10 Manhole inspection until 10 m deepness
Compatible to iPEK Rovion and Supervision systems
The reel is compatible to the iPEK Rovion and Supervision systems. It is connected to the standard cable reel. Dependent on the cable length of the system you can work until 500m away from the system.
The MHI-10 can inspect man holes until 10m deepness.
The reel can be used with a SVC100, RCX90 or DigiSewer camera.
The motor is speed controlled so the camera can be moved very smoothly.
To get the right position on the man hole, the reel has height adjustable legs.
The right leveling is shown on the integrated bubble level.
HDC-01 Control unit
Control unit for the manhole inspection system MHI-10
The man hole inspection system MHI-10 will become a complete independent system with the control unit HDC-01.
The compact control unit HDC-01 will find space in each TV van or you can get it built in a case as a full mobile device.
The power supply, control device and video amplifier for the MHI-10 and camera are included in the HDC-01.
The MHI-10 can operate in a range of 100m from the control unit HDC-01 with the extension reel MEX-100.
The HDC does include a COM port for a PC to get the data of the meter counter to you reporting software. The video is getting out as an FBAS signal via a BNC connector.
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