Well-Inspection - kw-electrosystems

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Pan and tilt camera PT90
The pan and tilt camera PT90 with the guide tube GT90 is a well inspection camera for water depths up to 500 m. The high resolution zoom camera with a wide viewing angle generates a full HD Video. The exact position of the camera is measured with the integrated pan and tilt position measurement.
Cracks can be measured with the integrated parallel lasers which generates two laser points.
The powerful LED light illuminate big inlet structures and can be adjusted for small pipes as well.
The communication with the camera is made via CAN. It is also possible to provide the camera with a communication system for up to 1 km of fiber optic cable.

Deep well cable reel DWR500
The well cable reel DWR500 holds up to 500 m standard cable or up to 1000 m hybrid fiber optical cable.
The integrated meter counter measures the exact length of the cable.
The speed controlled EC motor arrange a smooth winding of the cable. That brings the camera to the right position.
A laser light barrier monitors the tenseness of the cable during operation.
The brake on the motor prohibits decoiling during halt and power breakdown.
The power supply for the camera is integrated into the cable reel. Also a WLAN is generated for the connection of a computer or tablet to the system.
Controlling via PC
The system can be controlled with the existing documentation computer via a 3D navigation device. The system integrated application „Supervisor“ provides all other functions and measurement values.
The connection to the system can be made via the system generated WLAN or via an Ethernet cable.
The documentation software gets all necessary information via an integrated interface.
In addition, the system can be controlled via an app on a tablet.
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